COVID-19, Government, Freedom and the Self

I was invited to contribute to a forthcoming volume examining the pandemic from the perspective of health geography. I was asked to write from the perspective of post-structuralism. Below is an abstract and a link to an early draft.

Abstract: The virus that causes COVID-19 is challenging many of the basic assumptions that make up the fabric of society from the global to the local scale. In this essay, I diagnose the present moment by exposing the epistemological conditions that enable us to talk meaningfully about the pandemic and become constituted as subjects through this experience. Looking backward to diagnose our present situation reveals the limits imposed upon us by certain epistemic objects. It also focuses attention on an essential backdrop to this biopolitical experience: the problematic relationship between freedom and government.  

Mapping the Post-structural Geographies of COVID-19: Freedom, Security and the Self (DRAFT)

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