Dwelling in the Commodity Form

This page is reserved for archiving thoughts, sources, and feedback relevant to my nascent book project. You can find a brief introduction to the project here.

The provisional plan for this project is to first sketch, in theoretical terms, the framework for the book. At present three thematics – dwelling, norms and value – will be used to ‘triangulate’ my analysis. For the first thematic, dwelling, I plan to draw on Peter Sloterdijk’s recent ‘Spheres’ trilogy (and by necessity Martin Heidegger’s ‘Being and Time’). For the second thematic, norms, I plan to draw on Michel Foucault’s thinking (as well as his mentor Georges Canguilhem). For the third thematic, value, I plan to draw on Marxist geographer David Harvey and theorist Henri Lefebvre’s scholarship.

The first phase of preparation will involve a close reading of selected works pertaining to each thematic with the aim of excavating 2-3 fundamental arguments from each which can be ‘knitted together’ to form a framework.  The third phase will involve relating these thematics to each other. The final phase will involve applying the framework in an examination of the state of housing today.

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